Arkscan CB02 USB to Micro-USB / USB-C Cable Adapter

Arkscan USB-A to Micro-USB & USB-C Converter cable for USB printer and other devices. Supports Android, Chromebook, Windows, and Mac

2-in-1 DESIGN: Micro USB & USB-C adapter so you can easily connect all existing USB-A peripherals. Compact and easy to use design! 

HIGH-SPEED DATA TRANSFER: The USB 3.0 interface offers speeds up to 5GBps, compared to USB 2.0 which only offers speeds up to 480Mbps. The adapter is backward compatible and supports all previous USB versions

DURABLE: Made of high-quality aluminum alloy housing, the braided nylon cable has been rigorously tested to withstand bending twisting, and tugging to offer a durable and long-lasting product

COMPATIBILITY: This adapter is compatible with most smartphones, tablets, and laptops with Micro & USB-C ports. Allows the connection of keyboards, printers, mice, game controllers, and thumb drives

PLUG & PLAY: The USB OTG adapter requires no software installation, can transfer photos, videos, files, and other data at high speed - just plug-and-play!
Product Dimensions:
Length: 7 1/2" inches  (19 cm)

Connector Type:
USB to Micro-USB & USB-C

USB 3.0 - Transfer speeds up to 5Gbps

Braided Nylon Wire and Aluminum Casing

CB02 - USB to Micro-USB / USB-C Adapter Cable

$14.95 each
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